From time to time Inspire Church makes recordings of its teaching talks. These can be listened to and downloaded below. To download, simply click the link and as it begins to play right click on the timer – you will then have the option to ‘Save video as …’ – choose this and save to your preferred location.

Rest // Remember // Rebel – Sabbath & the gospel of Matthew 2017

170108 Overview of the series

170115 Rest & rhythm 

170205 Light work

170212 Exercising equality 

170226 Mono-tasking 

Gospel of Mark Series 2016

160117 Being disciples

160124 Jesus the healer

160131 Jubilee

160207 Binding the strong man

160221 Unmasking oppression

160228 The priority of the poor

160306 Enough for everyone

160327 Easter Sunday

160508 Powerlessness

160515 The greatest and the least

160626 The parable of the vineyard (after the referendum)

160710 Revolutionary patience

161009 The last supper

161030 The end of the world

161113 Review of Mark and 2016

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