From time to time Inspire Church makes recordings of its teaching talks. These can be listened to and downloaded below. To download, simply click the link and as it begins to play right click on the timer – you will then have the option to ‘Save video as …’ – choose this and save to your preferred location.

Inspire Church 10th Birthday Zoom talk 1 November 2020 – ten years on, we celebrate all that Inspire has become … and we look forward to what it is becoming inspire-church-10th-birthday-talk.m4a

Our Stories Matter

A series exploring Luke’s gospel looking especially at the many parables that Jesus tells in that gospel and how those stories relate to our own stories.

200112 Stories & Seeds – an introduction and exploration of the parable of the sower

200126 The Great Banquet – an invitation you breakfast together

200212 Foxes, funerals & furrows – some sayings of Jesus

200223 The Rich Young Ruler – how hard it is to get a camel through the eye of a needle

200301 The Rich Fool – who stores up stuff?

200308 The Lost Sheep & Lost Coin – Kristin Aune talks about needing to be lost to be found

200322 A Coronavirus Parable

200412 Easter Sunday – the hard work of resurrection

200419 Their eyes were opened

200426 Stay in the city – series summary

Love in the Lockdown – Reflections on the Book of Acts

Following on from Luke’s gospel, we explore the early church and putting faith into action as we consider how to show love in a time of lockdown.

200503 Love in a time of lockdown 200503-love-in-lockdown.m4a

200510 Tongues of fire

200621 Blinded by prejudice – 200621-blinded-by-prejudice.m4a

200628 Peter’s picnic – 200628-petere28099s-picnic.m4a

200712 Silver riot – 200712-silver-riot.m4a

200718 Communicating across cultures – Link to Zoom Service Recording

200719 Looking without seeing – 200719-looking-without-seeing.m4a

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