Give it up

If you met Jesus, what would you ask him? Which is his favourite gospel? Didn’t he wish he’d had some female disciples? When is he coming again? Once upon a time, a rich young man met Jesus and asked him what he had to do to receive eternal life. He received an answer that I’m not sure he was looking for? Come along on Sunday morning if you want to find out what Jesus said. And you may get your questions answered too! 10am. Sunday morning. Everybody’s welcome – bring your questions.

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This Sunday we have a very special visitor coming all the way from Peru. It’s not Paddington Bear either. No, the lovely Anna Sims will be joining us to tell us all about her work in Lima and how God is moving in that city. For those who may not have met Anna, we couldn’t wish for a more lovely and interesting visitor. Do come along to find out more … and to hear the latest instalment of Mark’s gospel – a lesson about the greatest and the least. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s Welcome Here, including bears.

It’s also Conspire again on Sunday. 7.30pm at 3 Deanbank Avenue – off Grange Avenue – M19 2EZ. An hour of quiet prayer, discussion and friendship.

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Walking through a park this afternoon, I noticed that quite a few people had seized the opportunity to go and sit in the Spring sunshine. How lovely – to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces inducing a nice warm glow. Jesus once went up a mountain where it is said that all his clothes suddenly started to glow – not any old glow, but a bright dazzling white. So on Sunday we’ll ask the question – what makes us glow? And what might the story of Jesus transfiguration mean for us today? 10am. Everybody’s Welcome Here – glowing or not!

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Spit & dust

On Sunday we are resuming our series looking at Mark’s gospel and remembering that it’s OK to change your mind! We’re going to plunge back in with the amazing story of Jesus’ healing a blind man with spit and dust. Everybody’s welcome. 10am.

In the evening we can dig a little deeper at our ConSpire gathering. 7.30pm at Fred’s Ale House. Do come along – especially if you’re one of those who struggles to get to church at 10am. ConSpire is for you!

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I love the word ABIDE. I don’t really know why. It sounds good, it’s pleasing to say. It’s one of those words we kind of know what it means but we don’t use it every day so we have to think a little about what it might mean. In John’s first letter he talks about abiding in God’s love – that makes me think of a baby resting in its parents’ arms, or the patience of an old couple, caring for one another at the end of their lives. Do we abide? What does it mean to us that God is love? On Sunday morning we’ll be doing some open heart surgery. Do join us. 10am. Everybody’s welcome here!

The service will be short and sweet! Why? Because I want to encourage as many people as possible to join me in an act of love and to pay a visit to our friends at Levenshulme Baptist Church who will be celebrating their 141st anniversary. As their congregation is now so small, it will mean a huge amount to them if some of us were to join them and make it a special occasion.

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Love One Another

Our All-You-Need-Is-Love mini-series continues on Sunday morning with John’s reminder that we are called to love one another. Sound easy? Sound difficult? Let’s meet to discuss this and more. And pray. And sing. And share fellowship. And celebrate communion and our own unique resurrection community. Everybody’s welcome! 10am. Sunday.

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All You Need Is Love

We’re going to take a short break from Mark’s gospel over the next few weeks and delve into a new topic: LOVE! We’ll focus our reflections around the New Testament letter called 1 John – the first epistle of John. It’s only a short book but it’s beautifully written and all about God’s love and our response. It all starts on Sunday morning. 10am. Everybody’s Welcome Here!

Also, on Sunday evening it will be ConSpire at Fred’s Ale House from 7.30pm. It’s a relaxed evening of simple worship and discussion. Do give it a try.

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Easter at Inspire Church

Happy Holy Week! We will have a very simple Good Friday service from 10 until 11am on Friday morning with music and reflection followed by hot cross buns. For those that would like to, we can then join the Levenshulme Churches Together Silent Walk of Witness which will pass by at 11 and normally takes around 30 minutes to walk up and down the Stockport Road, finishing at St Peters. In recent years, many of us have found the sombre service followed by the silent walk to be a very special part of our journey of faith. If you’ve not done it before then do join in.

And then on Sunday we will celebrate! Our friends from Levenshulme Baptist Church will be joining us for what I hope will be a very happy occasion with worship and singing and resurrection joy … and no doubt some chocolate too! Again, don’t miss it. 10am Sunday Morning.

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Compassion for the crowd

Are you part of the crowd? Some of us like to be. Some don’t. But on Sunday we’ll be thinking about crowds in two contexts – first, those that crowded around Jesus needing something to eat (think: Idomeni refugee camp above) – and second, Palm Sunday and all the crowds that came out to meet Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. Mark’s gospel tells us that Jesus had compassion for the crowd: com-passion means suffering-with. Come along on Sunday morning to find out more. Everybody’s welcome here! 10am.

Or if you can’t make it at 10am. Why not come along to ConSpire – our new Sunday evening gathering at Fred’s Ale House? We’ll start at 7.30pm with some simple prayers and readings and then we’ll open up a discussion about compassion, crowds and Palm Sunday. Do come along and try it! (Fred’s Ale House is on Stockport Road just opposite the Albert Road traffic lights).

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Following the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus once again finds himself in conflict with the religious authorities. Once again, the challenge concerns following the religious rules. But before long he meets a woman who dares to question his own understanding of who is “in” and who is “out”. Come along to find out more. 10am. Everybody’s welcome here – especially rule-breakers.

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