Who are your best friends? What do you like doing together? What brought you together in the first place? Who’s the organiser? Who’s the joker? Who asks the difficult questions? Who stays a bit on the edge? Friends are funny things so on Sunday we’re going to talk about them as we think about the twelve disciples. Yes they were followers of Jesus. Yes they were holy and brave. Yes the saw and did amazing things. But bottom line, I like to think, is that they were all good mates … and Jesus was one of the crowd too.

Some of the most special friendships though are forged across long distances – people from different backgrounds but with something shared. We’ve got a special guest visiting on Sunday – Clare McBeath, co-principal of Northern Baptist College – who is going to get us thinking about a special project she’s been involved with called Two Sides of the Same Coin which has brought together friends from Manchester and Angola. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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Doing Sunday Politics

Have you noticed the the political temperature rising? There’s a General Election on the horizon? How does that make you feel? Anxious? Irritated? Bored? And what’s at stake? The NHS? The economy? The cost of living? In Jesus day it was the sabbath, and harvests, and the poor, and healing. And who were the politicians? None other than the scribes and pharisees. This Sunday we’re going to have a look at Jesus from their point of view and ask the question: what does it mean to show up? 10am. Everybody’s welcome!

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Brunch anyone?

Jesus had a habit of inviting himself for tea. He knew how much people like to eat together (and Nandos weren’t so common in Palestine). Imagine how you’d feel. Honoured and privileged? Or worried about that pile of washing up and the unmade beds? That would be the least of your worries if you were the local tax collector. What? Tea? At my house? So this week we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of Levi who received such a visit. And in order to recreate the scene we’ve decided to have brunch together too. So if you want to fall out of bed and into church on Sunday morning at 10am then you will be welcome. Unshaven if you like. Pyjamas if you must. Everyone is welcome at Inspire Church!

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Follow the crowds

As we step into the shoes of some of the characters that meet Jesus in Luke’s gospel, this Sunday we are going to follow the crowd. Even early on in Jesus’ ministry he gathered quite a following – but what were they after? What did they see in him? And how did their curiosity turn so quickly to thoughts of anger and even murder? When we look at the crowds in Place de la Republique this evening, or when we go to the cinema or to the football, what kinds of crowd do we find ourselves in? And what do we like or dislike about them? Come along on Sunday to find out more. 10am. Join the crowds!

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Step into my shoes

Happy New Year! This week Inspire Church will start a new teaching and learning series where each Sunday we will ‘step into the shoes’ of one of the characters that we find in Luke’s gospel and explore how Jesus looked from their point of view and what adventures he invited them on. Our series will run through until Easter and take us all the way through Luke’s gospel so you can ‘read along at home’ if you’d like to over the next few weeks. This Sunday we are going to start with John the Baptist. 10am Everybody’s welcome.

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Counting Sheep?

As we head towards the third Sunday in advent, this week we will take a look at the nativity from the perspective of the shepherds. There will be advent candles, nativity rehearsals and festive fellowship … and no doubt the odd tea-towel will make an appearance. Do come along. 10am. Sunday. Everybody welcome. With or without improvised headgear.

Also, don’t forget about our Community Carol Service at 4pm on 21 December. This will include the performance of the eagerly anticipated nativity play, Christingle-making and will followed by festive finger food (there will be no morning service).

On Christmas Day there will be a special short service from 10-11am too which is always lots of fun so do come along in Christmas jumpers etc.

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Meet Mary

As we explore some of the different characters through advent this Sunday we’ll be focusing on one of the most celebrated of them all: Mary – Jesus’ mum. Many of us will immediately think of a pretty young woman, all dressed in blue, possibly on a donkey – perhaps a bit of a melancholy figure? Mmm. We’ll be thinking about how much of that stereotype holds true … and exploring how Mary’s life might also speak to ours today. The kids will also be rehearsing for their nativity play for the 21st – so don’t miss it. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s welcome.

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Bringing the nativity to life

This Sunday marks the start of a new Christian year – ADVENT – and in the coming weeks as we countdown to Christmas we try to bring the nativity story to life. Each Sunday we are going to be thinking about some of the characters that appear in Luke’s account of the Christmas story. Meantime, the children are going to begin rehearsing their own nativity play … which will finally be performed at our Community Carol Service on the 21 December. This week we’ll be thinking about Elizabeth and Zechariah – waiting quietly! 10am. Everybody’s welcome here!

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Inspire Church Review of 2014


Our lively congregation has had another wonderful year with all kinds of fellowship and fun. The slides and pictures posted here give just a glimpse of what God has been doing as we seek to give expression to God’s mission in our local community and serve him as everyday disciples.


Inspire Church Review of 2014

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Kings are not born, they are made by universal hallucination

… so said George Bernard Shaw! A revolutionary thought in these uncertain democratic times.

And so friends this Sunday our series on sayings and proverbs will draw to a close with some thinking about the topic of leadership, once again drawing from the wise words of the Book of Proverbs. Sunday will also feature our church annual general meeting. During the service we will have a ‘review of the year’ and give thanks to God for all the wonderful ways in which we have been blessed during 2014. If you have any thoughts or pictures or things you’d like to share then please let me know as I am preparing for this in advance. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s very welcome!

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