About the church

What is Inspire Church?
At the centre of the Inspire partnership is a small group of United Reformed Church members committed to bringing faith and worship to the table as the partnership engages with and serves the local area. One of the ways we do this is to offer a weekly time of worship in and amongst the many other very varied activities on offer all through the week.

Inspire Church is a warm, welcoming and lively bunch, made up of people from all walks of life: young, old, single, married, black, white, gay, straight. Everyone is welcome whether they’re long-standing church-goers or people who’ve never been to church before in their lives.

What is Inspire Church like?
Its main meetings are from 10.30-11.45am on Sunday mornings and whilst many things will be just like a normal church – singing hymns, Bible readings, prayers etc. – we hope that we can grow to be a bit different too. We’re especially keen to make sure that we learn more about faith in a fun and engaging way.

Whilst each week there will be a fairly traditional order of service, for some part of the service each Sunday of the month we have a slightly different ‘style’:

1st Sunday: Together Church (lots of stuff for children and young people)
2nd Sunday: Healthy Church (a focus on health and healing)
3rd Sunday: Messy Church (involving arty stuff)
4th Sunday: Tasty Church (involving food during and after the service)
5th Sunday (when there is one!): Global Church (involving people from around the globe)

Kids especially welcome!
On the 1st Sunday of each month the service is especially designed for children and families with drama, action songs and fun activities for everyone to join in with. On other Sundays anyone under 16 is invited to join special groups to worship, pray, experience, question and learn, but with more noise, discussion, creativity and mess! If there’s enough interest we’re also hoping to organise children’s holiday clubs and activities for children and young people at other times in the week.

Music and drama
Whilst sometimes you can’t beat the beauty of singing a traditional hymn, there’s a wide range of contemporary songs and kids action songs that can help us worship God too. As we develop, we want to draw on a wide range of musical styles in our services and we want people to be able to get involved in making music themselves whether that means playing guitar, shaking maracas or singing in a gospel choir. We like to use drama in worship too – bringing Bible stories and characters to life in fresh and engaging ways.

Teaching and learning series
To help us build our understanding of faith over a period of time, we organise our year into a number of different teaching and learning series. Whilst we have special services to celebrate the major festivals and other special Sundays, we also try to follow certain themes.

Every few months a programme with more details about each teaching and learning series is produced and circulated for people to keep and to share with friends and neighbours.

Café Church, Alpha, home groups etc
For people who want to explore a bit more, or people who want to try something a bit different, we are also planning other activities outside of Sundays. We want to hold a ‘Café Church’ every other week, where people can meet over a cup of coffee to discuss issues and concerns from a faith perspective. We’d like to organise sessions for people to find out more about Christian faith with others who are setting out on a faith journey. And we want to encourage people to meet in smaller ‘home groups’ during the week where they can share perspectives on faith and support one another through conversation and prayer. We could also have ‘special interest groups’ for people keen to explore particular areas of faith or for ‘men’ or ‘women’ or other interest groups to meet and talk.

Is Inspire Church for you?
You might be someone who used to go to church but you gave up because you didn’t find it fulfilling. You still have some faith but you’ve not found anywhere where it can flourish. Now is your chance to help shape something better.

You may be someone who has never been to church before and have some big questions about what it’s all about. We need you and your questions to help to make sure Inspire Church is a place that really welcomes all.

You may be going to church somewhere else now. Tricky! Perhaps we could borrow you for a month … or for a longer period. Perhaps you could join us once a month or even just on the odd occasion as a gesture of support. Talk to your church leader about it. Pray about it. But we’d love to have a few people involved who can share their experience of doing church differently too.

2 Responses to About the church

  1. Please mail a copy of your church magazine so that I can get a better idea of what you do in the ‘community hub.’

    Trinity United Church Ringwood (Methodist/URC) is active in our community but the Methodist Church (now called the Wesley Centre) is the subject of studies for new use (we worship in the larger former URC church).

    In Him

    Brian Walters

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