Spaghetti Spirituality

We are very privileged as a congregation that the United Reformed Church has recognised the special place that Inspire is becoming and agreed to give us Liz. They cover her pay and some of her expenses and as a church we are asked to make a relatively small contribution of around £3000 each year. Through our fundraising this month we have raised half of that amount and this Sunday will be the last special fundraising Sunday for this purpose. You are all very generous with your giving and we try not to make a fuss about money at our church, but please take the opportunity to make a special donation towards our community work this Sunday and then we can focus on working with our wonderful community rather than worrying about the funds.

Our service on Sunday will feature possibly the most famous type of pasta ever: spaghetti. Once the nation was led to believe it grew on trees, this week we will learn that it is the most holy of foods. We will also be celebrating harvest so along with your special donation for our community work, if you want to bring some tins or other non-perishable foods for a harvest collection then that would be lovely too – Andy will gather them along with Christchurch offerings and deliver them to Mustard Tree. 10am. Everybody’s welcome here.

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