Look! I am making all things new.

New term. New school. New job. September marks a new start for many of us. And there’s something good about new things. The smell of a new pair of leather shoes. The crisp whiteness of a new shirt. The sparkle of the sunshine on a newly polished floor. And there’s something good about starting all over again too. Past mistakes put behind us. Old relationships left behind. New friendships set before us. New goals to achieve.

At Inspire Church we are all about making new starts. We are a community of ordinary people exploring life together. We come from all walks of life – young, old, single, married, black, white, gay, straight – where everyone is welcomed anew every week. And we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to start again.

Each Sunday in September we’re going to be thinking about what the Bible says about making a fresh start. For some people new beginnings bring fear and anxiety, in which case we can be reassured of a God who travels with us; for others new starts spell excitement and opportunity and a God who steps out with us on new ventures.

Everyone is welcome to come along and find out more, whether you’re a long-standing church-goer, somebody who hasn’t been for a while, or someone who’s never been to church before in your life. A fresh start is waiting for everyone … and you will be welcome here! 10am. Every Sunday.

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