In the beginning …

Summer holidays are nearly over and September is upon us. For many of us that means a new beginning: a new class, a new school, a new job, a new resolution, a new hope. And so what better time than to start a new teaching and learning series all about beginnings!

“In the beginning …” will be a 5-week series exploring the first chapters of the Book of Genesis. This Sunday in our all together service we will think about ‘beginnings’ but then after that we’ll think about the first creation story and how it relates to contemporary scientific accounts of creation. On the 15th of September we’ll be thinking about Adam & Eve and the special role that God has given humanity on the earth. On the 22nd of September we’ll think about Noah and the great flood and then on Sunday the 29th September we’ll have a special harvest service to give thanks for God’s wonderful creation.

As always, everybody is welcome to come along to Inspire Church – whether they are Christians or not. These might be ideal services for people who take an interest in matters of science and faith – perhaps even people who are sceptical of the Biblical accounts of creation. Our emphasis will be on learning and sharing our different perspectives together. It might also be a good time to to come if you’re somebody who is looking for a new beginning. 10am Every Sunday in September.

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