An Inspire Psalm

Last week, 45 people – old and young and in-between – wrote their own Psalm. Here it is:

God you are amazing!
You have made everything and you have saved us.
You are the great mechanic,
you gave people brains to make tractors.
You are the great I am.
God we know you are with us,
even when we are out of our comfort zone.
You reassure us when we are tested.
God you help me when I am weak,
helping me to be strong when I’m feeling low.
You make us feel safe and protected,
so we want to laugh out loud (LOL)
and sing praise to you.
God is good:
through all our troubles we can call on Him.
His presence is always felt through a word or a song.
I believe He will help us with the things that are hard.
Sometimes we have to make decisions or do things that are difficult.
But we trust God!

This Sunday we’ll be exploring another Psalm and hearing another person’s favourite song. We will also be having prayers for healing and wholeness and the children will have their own activities too. 10am. Everybody’s welcome – and do invite your friends!

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