Amos: Unravelled

This week we Inspire Church will begin to explore Amos – the second Old Testament book in our Just Saying series. Amos was a shepherd prophet who saw a healthy economy crumbling around him and so went North to deliver a message about how to avoid boom and bust – clearly a message which has absolutely no relevance to modern times! Our first  talk has the intriguing title ‘Put away your sandals’ … and that’s not a reference to the fact that summer seems to have come and gone. Come along to find out more! 10am. Everybody’s welcome!

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2 Responses to Amos: Unravelled

  1. artmakesmesmile says:

    I wish I’d been able to make this meeting as I’d like to have understood why you chose to use the image of Brian Hawe a man who laid down his own personal comforts in order to make a point that war is pointless no matter what side you are on. Every body suffers.

    • We were looking at modern-day prophets and Brian Haws had died that week. Amos was considered a dirty smelly outsider when he spoke out about justice in Israel … much in the same way as Brian Haws was seen in our capital city.

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