It’s that time again

… when we look back at the year gone by and celebrate our life together as Inspire Church. This year has been particularly special as we have celebrated a Sabbath year, we’ve welcomed new faces, we’ve presented flowers to the new mayor … and there’s been some bad stuff too.

On Sunday we’ll put it all out there and once again wonder at the remarkable ways that God is moving in our midst.

Everybody’s welcome here!

[In other words … on Sunday it’s the church AGM. As well as a service where we look back over the year, we’ll hold a special meeting immediately after the service. Our agenda is as follows:

  • Mission Partnerships – what do they mean for us?
  • Church finances and mission fund
  • Plans for next year
  • New elders
  • Farewell plans for Andy, Michelle, Emily & Rebekah

Do stay for an hour or so to discuss these important issues. We’ll finish by 12.45 latest.]

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Don’t look back in anger

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. The day that we remember all those who have given their lives in war with a minute’s silence at our memorial – one of the very few features we brought with us from our old church building.

As we look back we will consider the importance of reflection and remembrance of the difficult things as well as the happy memories. This is something the psalmists knew well:

By the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept when we remembered Zion
Psalm 137


Everybody’s welcome here!

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Real Gospel: Real Living Wage

This Sunday marks the beginning of Living Wage Week. At the Inspire Centre we pay the ‘real’ Living Wage (more than the government version!) to staff because we believe that everybody should be paid at least as much as they need not just to survive but to thrive. (The real Living Wage is calculated independently each year according to actual living costs – currently it’s £8.45 an hour).

But on Sunday we’ll explore why this is a ‘spiritual issue’ and sits at the heart of the gospel values we are called to celebrate as we bring glory to God in our special neighbourhood.

Everybody’s welcome here!

Also on Sunday, we are once again invited to join with the Inspired People’s Project to sit down for a nice Sunday Roast with some of our older friends – many of whom now live alone and miss their family Sunday lunches. Do feel welcome to stay and enjoy the food and fellowship. (It’s just £5 for an adult or £1.50 for a child but it would be helpful if you could book in advance with Kate or Geraldine on 0161 850 4044).
Ed Cox
07961 979 262

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Bring cake! We’re 500 and 7 on Sunday.

It’s our birthday. Yes. This Sunday not only marks the 7th birthday of the Inspire Centre and the re-opening of our church but we will also commemorate the 500th anniversary of the reformation. History tells us that on 31st October 1517 Martin Luther defiantly nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church. We’re going to spend some time thinking about how Luther’s protest has affected the life of our very special church today.

If you think that sounds a little dry, I can promise it won’t be … but even if you don’t believe me then how about this …

There will be cake! How could we celebrate a double birthday without cake? Cake will be provided, but should you fancy turning your hand to a little baking this week and to bring along something special I’m sure it wouldn’t be wasted.

Sunday 10.30am

Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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Wheels ablaze

Having spent the last couple of weeks thinking about the Trinity as a divine dance in which we are invited to participate. This week we’re going to explore the Trinity in action bringing examples of our own experience of stepping into God’s love.

10.30am – Inspire church – Everybody’s welcome here!

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Magic number of crowd?


Three is the magic number! Though some say it’s a crowd. The idea of the trinity is certainly a key tenet of the Christian faith. And so, at the request of our children and young people, we’re going to start a new series to explore it in a little more depth. Do come along to find out more.


Everybody’s welcome here!


We are all encouraged to stay for a
This is being organised by the Inspired People Project who are cooking it for a small number of older people and have invited us to come along too. The idea is that church members and older people have lunch together. The cost of a 3-course lunch is £5 for adults and £1.50 for children. It would be good to know if you’d like to stay so please reply to this e-mail if you want to come.

OR …

Some people are going to head into central Manchester to join the
that will be going on there. The plan is to jump on the 12.15 train from Levenshulme station. Don’t forget to wear suitable clothes and shoes if you want to go along!

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In our last Sunday exploring the Sermon on the Mount we explore how Christian faith calls us to live between the now and the not yet.

Don’t lose your saltiness, get on down to Inspire Church.

Poor, mourning, meek, merciful, peacemakers, justice-seekers, persecuted and pure-hearted.
Everybody’s welcome here!


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Another Way

As we continue to explore The Sermon on the Mount, we dig a little deeper to understand that Jesus is teaching us that another world is possible, another way of being human. Not pie in the sky when you die, but right here, right now. And we are all invited.

We will be drawing upon the resources and music on the 9 Beats Collective. One of their members writes: "we’re invited to question the assumptions of the systems that we are part of … they point out that the emperor has no clothes on and then invoke the possibility of newness to come … there’s a longing inside of us for another world, something better than what’s here right now … the Beatitudes invite us in to that possibility and say there is a new way to be human, another world is possible."
Do come along to find out more.

See you Sunday!
Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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Boaz Women’s Night Shelter – we need your help!

During the winter months, Inspire is going to be involved in a new initiative to give food and shelter to women refugees and asylum seekers who are homeless in Manchester. Every Saturday night, we will welcome 12 women with a meal and somewhere to sleep – as well as some traditional Levy love! (On other nights of the week, the women will be accommodated in other community centres and churches around the city).

The scheme is being organised by Boaz who have 10 years’ experience running a men’s night shelter but who have seen that there are many women asylum seekers now needing help too. The women will be referred to the scheme from agreed agencies such as Red Cross and Rainbow Haven and those agencies will continue to support them to find proper move-on accommodation and other support. Our job is simply to offer a warm welcome, food and a safe place to sleep to women who are in desperate need.

The scheme will run every Saturday evening from October through to next April and is being organised by Inspire Church – but we want to make it a special Levenshulme community thing and get lots of other people involved too. And we need all kinds of help!

Roz Hughes is our local co-ordinator but we need ‘teams’ of five or six people every week who can do things like:

· Cook – could you cook an evening meal for about 20 people either at Inspire or somewhere else?

· Welcome – could you be there to welcome our special guests and perhaps spend the evening eating and chatting, perhaps playing games or watching a film?

· Sleeping – we need a couple of women to stay overnight each week and help out in case of any emergencies.

· Driving – we need people who can bob into town to pick up our guests at around 7pm and possibly drop them back on a Sunday morning too.

· Laundry – could you volunteer to wash sleeping bag liners, pillow cases and towels occasionally?

The more people who help out, the easier it will be – and we are hoping to organise a rota that will only involve people being ‘on duty’ once a month.

And if you don’t think you can give your time, but you could give a bit of financial support, then we’ve set up a special web page where you can donate. We’ve calculated that it will cost about £25 to accommodate one woman for one month.

If you think you can help then please contact Roz on 07419 209025 or e-mail her on rozh35.


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Brunch anyone?

This Sunday at Inspire Church we’re doing brunch – roll out of bed for some danish pastries, orange juice, coffee, tea … and some fellowship, prayer and Bible reflection too as we continue to explore the Joseph story.

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