Summer Play and Pray

Summertime is here and so over the coming weeks Inspire Church will be doing things a bit differently with play and pray services. Each Sunday, somebody will open up shortly before 10am and serve tea, coffee and juice. We’ll get some toys out for the kids and pull up a few chairs for people to sit and chat. At about 10.30am, somebody will lead a short time of prayer and reflection. There will be no service at all on Sunday 30th August (the bank holiday weekend). We are really returning to the very essence of the early church: fellowship, prayer and listening for the Holy Spirit. 10-11am. Every Sunday. Everybody’s Very Welcome.

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From Levenshulme to Lima

This Sunday’s service will have a South American feel. It will be a very special privilege for us to welcome Bishop Henry Scriven, Church Mission Society mission director for South America, who is going to come and talk to us about the work of CMS and share some mission perspectives on the latest instalment of our Moses story. Our link with Bishop Henry is as a result of our support for the lovely Anna Sims in Lima, Peru who we will try to skype to catch up with her latest news. We’ll sing some Latin American songs and we’ll serve Peruvian hot chocolate after the service!! 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s Welcome as ever.

After the service, Bishop Henry will have some South American arts and crafts for sale so do bring a few extra pennies if you think you might be tempted … or you’ve got a birthday coming up to buy for!

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This Sunday bring your jewellery. Bring any fine gold you have lying around. Bring the family silver. Bring some cash. Coins will do. Bring any stocks or shares you have. Bring your savings. Bring your TV – the bigger the better. Bring your phones and ipods. Bring your shoes and any special clothes (not Primark). Basically, bring anything that’s worth anything. We’re going to make a big pile of wealth in the middle of the room and spend our service all dancing round it. Who knows what will happen. It might grow. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s Welcome Here.

[This is a joke. But it’s what Aaron did. And it’s what some people still do today. We’ll be thinking about what makes heroes and anti-heroes and whether Moses was the former or the latter.]

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The Power of 10

Before the major refurbishment of our church building, on either side of the old organ pipes there were two large painted panels each bearing 5 of the Ten Commandments. They reminded us of God’s authority and the importance of the basic rules of life. This Sunday we’re going to be thinking about the time when God gave them to Moses and the way in which authority works in our lives today. We’re also going to be joined by some members of the staff and volunteer team from Inspire and Board members too. Do come along and join the fun! Everybody’s welcome here! 10am Sunday.

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This Sunday promises to be a real highlight in our series looking at the life of Moses, for on Sunday we will be thinking about the exodus … when the Israelites finally broke free from the Egyptians. We will be joined by special guests from Boaz Trust who will talk about what it means to escape oppression as asylum seekers today. And we will celebrate a special passover celebration, just as the Israelites did on the eve of their escape.

A few things to note about our service:

  • Dave Smith from Boaz will bring copies of his recent book – they will cost £7.50 so do bring some money if you think you might be interested in buying one.
  • Boaz are also collecting various things to give out to some of their service users – this includes tinned and dry foods such as chopped tomatoes, rice, pasta, lentils, tuna, sweetcorn, potatoes, eggs, sugar, tea, coffee, biscuits, cooking oil, halal food, fruit juice and soft drinks. Fresh food such as bananas, mangos, nectarines, carrots, onions, peppers and potatoes. Or toiletries for men and women: toothpaste, toothbrush, body lotion, hand cream, moisturising cream, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving foam, sanitary towels, roll on deodorant, perfume/body spray and aftershave/body spray. If you feel you could bring any of these things we will have a special collection for Boaz and Dave can take them away after the service.
  • The younger kids are going to be making bread and preparing for our passover whilst our Boaz visitors talk to us about exodus and asylum. The older young people can choose whether they stay in to hear our guests or go out to help with the little ones.
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Decimal disaster

Have you ever been in a situation when it doesn’t just rain, it pours? One thing after another seems to come along to disrupt our lives and heap insult onto injury. On Sunday – sparked by Moses and the experience of the 10 plagues – we’re going to be thinking about how we cope. If you’ve been having a hard time – if you know someone who has been having a hard time – then this Sunday is for you! Everybody’s Welcome! 10am. Warts ‘n’ all.

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This week, our friend Moses comes face to face with God who – via a strange burning bush – gives him some pretty clear instructions. Despite his reluctance, Moses sets out on a path not quite knowing where it will lead. Do you know that feeling? When did you last feel it? We avoid guilt-tripping at Inspire Church, but we’re not afraid to explore where God might be leading us and on Sunday I daresay this will be true once again. And communion too. 10am Everybody Welcome!

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Having escaped the clutches of Pharaoh once, this Sunday we move on to the time when Moses had to escape his deadly decree for a second time. But despite having to up sticks, Moses seemed to fall on his feet. Do come along on Sunday to find out how! 10am. Everybody’s welcome.

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Moses in the bullrushes

This week at Inspire Church we re-enacted the story of Moses’ birth using our own home-made puppets! Such fun!

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Royal adoption

If you missed last Sunday don’t worry! This week we kick off the story of Moses in earnest by reminding ourselves of his early years: dodging death only to find himself become the Prince of Egypt. Do come along whether you’re a regular or you’ve not been for a little while – everybody’s always welcome! 10am. Sunday

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