Against multi-tasking

In many walks of life, the ability to juggle multiple activities at once is often highly-prized. Some lunchtimes I can sit at my desk, eat a sandwich, take a call and browse my e-mails all at the same time. This normally leaves me with indigestion, amnesia and unanswered e-mails.

And so on Sunday – as part of our celebration of all things sabbath – we remember the virtues of mono-tasking and we rebel against a world that demands more, more, more.

10.30am – Sunday – Inspire Church – Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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Finding freedom

As we come towards the end of a busy working week – and with half-term on the horizon for some – many of us are no doubt all too conscious of the trials and tribulations of hard work. But sabbath says: STOP! Remember that God liberates us from slavery – just as he liberated the Israelites from their Egyptian slave masters all those years ago. Come and discover more … and relax with friends too.

10.30am. Sunday – Inspire Centre – Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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Light work

Our motto text for our sabbath year comes from Matthew’s gospel: Come to me … and I will give you rest … my yoke is easy and my burden is light. It doesn’t always feel like that does it?

But as we saw last week, when we enjoy the gifts and skills we have been blessed with, we can find real joy in our activities.

This Sunday we’ll be thinking a little more about this: about how we find our passion and what we do with it. We’ll also be thinking about what it is to be weary and heavy laden and offering prayers of healing.

Sunday. 10.30am. Everybody’s welcome here. Heavy laden or light as a feather.

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Commandment #4

During my teens there was a big campaign to stop the shops opening on Sundays. Many helpful and unhelpful opinions were shared on both sides of the debate. But the idea of keeping Sunday special goes back millennia – in fact, right back to the fourth commandment.

Amy is leading the service and she has asked for people to come prepared to share any stories of when they have ‘put God first’. There’s no pressure to do this but you may want to have a think.

10.30am – Sunday – Inspire Church – Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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Rhythm & rest

And on the seventh day, God rested. As we kick-off our new series on practising the sabbath we will begin with our first principle: rest.

Why is rest so important? How do we rest? When do we rest? Why did God rest? How do we tune in to the rhythms of nature? How do we listen to our bodies so as not to overdo it?

10.30am – Sunday – Inspire Church – Everybody’s Welcome Here! Bring a pillow!

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Rest // Remember // Rebel

On Sunday we’re starting a new series through until Easter. As in previous years, we will spend some time working through the gospel of Matthew, but this year – our SEVENTH year as a regenerated church – we will also explore the idea of SABBATH.

What does Sabbath mean? How does it apply today? Are there sabbath practices that we could adopt to help us grow individually and as a church? How can we reinterpret sabbath justice in a world of inequality?

These are just few of the questions we’ll begin to explore with an introduction to our theme on Sunday morning. Do come along.

10.30am – Sunday – Inspire Church – Everbody’s Welcome Here!

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Porridge & prayer

Sunday is New Year’s Day. If you’re anything like me, the idea of getting to church for 10.30 might seem a long shot. Fear not! We’ll be serving porridge, toast, coffee, tea and fruit juice from 10.30 for anybody who wants to fall out of bed for some new year’s fellowship.

There will be prayer, reflection and singing but you won’t be harangued into worthy new year’s resolutions, there will be no injunctions about how 2017 will be bigger or better. As we begin our special ‘sabbath year’ we will simply start to enjoy the presence of the living God through food, fellowship and freedom.

10.30am – Sunday – Inspire Church – Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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DIY Nativity

It’s our community carol service this Sunday – 4-6pm. The service will include a DIY nativity (kids come dressed as any character from the Christmas story), traditional readings and carols, all followed by festive finger food. Everybody’s welcome from all faiths or none at all – make it part of your Christmas celebrations.

Three important things to remember:

1) Invite and bring your friends – many people who don’t come to church very often love to come and remember the ‘reason for the season’ and this will be the kind of service where they can easily fit in and feel really welcome. If we all brought one person …

2) Please bring some festive finger food – things like mince pies, cakes, biscuits, crackers, cheese, satsumas, grapes, cheese straws, crisps, nuts, bread, sandwiches, breadsticks, humous, dips, chocolates – and if you can manage it, bring some to share too.

3) There will be NO SERVICE at 10.30am.

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Belly thanks

As children we are always told to "say thank-you!" On one level it is just a common courtesy, but deeper down it is vital for our health and well-being as individuals and as a community. But it’s not always easy, not least saying thanks to God. On the last Sunday of the Christian calendar year we will be thinking about the time Jonah gave thanks from the belly of the whale and we will be giving thanks ourselves. For what? Come & find out.

DON’T FORGET THE NEW START TIME. 10.30am. Sunday. Everybody’s welcome here.

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This is not the end

If you’re anything like me, 2016 is turning into quite a bewildering year. And I don’t think it is too political to express concerns about the choices we are making in nations that once celebrated being open and plural societies. So on Sunday we will once again try to make sense of what it means to be disciples in bewildering times. And I will attempt to wrap up our year-long journey with Jesus in Mark’s gospel. Thankfully there were a few bewildered disciples there too!

DON’T FORGET THE NEW START TIME. 10.30am. Sunday. Everybody’s welcome here.

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