Colours of Christmas: BLUE

This Sunday marks the start of advent – the season during which we look forward to Christmas. Over the next 4 weeks we’re going to focus on the traditional Christmas readings but we’re also thinking about the ‘colours of Christmas’. Rather than advent calendars, this Sunday we’ll give out advent colouring sheets to young and old alike for a bit of advent therapeutic colouring in the run up to Christmas. This week’s advent colour is BLUE. If you remember, why not wear something blue to church on Sunday? 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s welcome here!

Our Christmas Community Carol Service will be at 4pm on Sunday 20th December – there will be the usual fellowship and fun, including choirs and Christingles, and it will finish with festive finger food. (There will be no morning service though that day). We’ll have a special short service of Christmas Day too – starting promptly at 10am.

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Book Mark

This Sunday our favourite book series turns to one of my favourite books of the bible – the gospel of Mark. Full of the drama, Mark sets the baseline (bassline?) for the story of Jesus and what it means to be his disciples. Fittingly, Liz Kam – who is currently exploring her calling to become Inspire’s church-related community work minister – will be sharing some of her perspectives on what the book means to her. And we’ll be hearing from others about their favourite non-Bible books (there’s a still a chance for you to share your favourite books too – jest let me know if you’d like to)! Everybody’s Always Welcome Here! Let them know. 10am. Sunday.

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Hey Jude!

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better. We all know those lyrics – but how many of us have read the book of the Bible entitled Jude? This Sunday, this will be our special book – why not read ahead, it’s only short. 10am. Everybody’s welcome. We’ll also be collecting up our shoe box presents on Sunday so do remember to bring those back too.

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What does the Lord require?

On Sunday we’ll have our normal service as we share some of our favourite books and look at whole books of the Bible – this Sunday it’s going to be Micah where the prophet asks: what does the Lord require of us?! And the answer? … you’ll have to come along to find out more. 10am Sunday morning. Everybody’s welcome here!

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This week our tour around the books of the Bible lands in Ephesus. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of his best and one of its central themes is UNITY. As members of the UNITED Reformed Church you might expect that this could be very important to us. But is there a contradiction for a church which also celebrates its diversity? Come along to decide for yourself … and hear about somebody else’s favourite book too. Everybody Welcome. 10am. Sunday.

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Plotting in the palace

This week our series on our favourite books turns to the Book of Esther. It’s well worth reading the story ahead of the service as it’s quite a remarkable one all about a woman who finds herself in a situation of some privilege but who uses her position to protect her people from harm. We’ll have another special guest sharing their own favourite book too. Come along to find out more. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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As many of you will know, Ezra is a very special member of our church. A charming and happy young man. A wonderful big brother. And very much the church percussionist. But who knows anything about the Book of Ezra in the bible? It’s not one we read regularly but as with so much of our scripture, it’s full of special stories that inspire, challenge and amaze. So we’ll be learning more about that on Sunday. And we’ll be learning more about some of your favourite books too. There are still slots on the rota for those who’d like to share their favourite books with the wider congregation – just let me know. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s Welcome!

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Good Book /// Harvest

So what’s your favourite book? It could be a children’s story. It could be a novel. It could be a cookbook, a picturebook or a biography. I love encyclopaedias and atlases. Over the next few weeks we’re going to give one another the opportunity to talk about our favourite books in church – why do we like them? How do they inspire us? Do we associate them with particular times or places? So – volunteers please! Who wants to go first?

The other thing we’re going to be doing is looking at a whole book of the Bible at a time. So often when we look at a single passage or verse we can miss the broad sweep of our Bible, its bold messages and themes. Last Sunday you suggested some of the books you’d like to read and so this Sunday where better to start than with Genesis.

As if that wasn’t enough, this Sunday we’ll be celebrating harvest and giving thanks to God for the many fruits of the earth. As part of our celebrations we’re going to be collecting various items for our friends at Boaz Trust to give out to asylum seekers. They are collecting tins and packets of dry food, they’d like toiletries and they can even take fresh fruit and vegetables too.

10am /// Sunday /// Everybody’s Welcome Here

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Known by God

This week we will finish our series on new beginnings by exploring what it means to be “new creations in Christ” – a phrase that Paul uses in his second letter to the church in Corinth. It has been wonderful to see so many people at church in the past couple of weeks – for those that perhaps haven’t been for a while can I really encourage you to come along soon. Every Sunday brings together a different group of people which is just wonderful – but every single one of us is special, and every individual always deserves a special welcome here. 10am. Sunday.

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Wiping tears away

This week our “all things new” Sunday service will give us time to think about God’s promise of a new heaven and a new earth. The Book of Revelation paints a remarkable picture of a new city coming down from the heavens … and one where there’s no more crying or injustice. We’ll be imagining what that city might be like? And what it might take for our city to become more like that one. Everybody’s welcome. 10am Sunday.

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