Love your neighbour

This Sunday will be a simple short service of prayer and communion reflecting on Romans Chapter 13 and God’s invitation to love our neighbours.

We will be sharing online communion so do bring a glass of juice and a biscuit or something else you can eat.

10.30am Sunday
Everybody’s Welcome!

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Chatty Church

As part of our new pattern of online services, this Sunday we are starting ‘Chatty Church’ – an opportunity to jump onto Zoom and have a chat with your church friends. We’ll do what we can to recreate that sense of fellowship we used to feel when we had tea and coffee after the service.

10.30am. Sunday.

Contact ed.cox [@] for login details.

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Work. Together. For. Good.

Over the next 10 weeks we will be exploring the book of Romans – St Paul’s special letter to the church in Rome. It is full of inspirational verses and careful guidance to churches experiencing change. This Sunday we will contemplate Romans 8 verse 28 – working together for good.

10.30am. On Zoom.

E-mail ed.cox [@] for a link

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Summer services at Inspire Church

There will be NO services on Sundays:
26 July
9 August
23 August

On these Sundays I would encourage you to enjoy your own private time of reflection and prayer, or perhaps go for a prayer walk, or perhaps join an online service at a different church.

We WILL have a service on:
2 August
16 August
30 August

These services will have the theme:

Leaning into God and listening

If you would like the Zoom link then please contact ed.cox [@]

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Looking without seeing

As we come to the end of our series on the Book of Acts and loving in the lockdown, Paul has finally reached Rome. Even as he faced the death penalty he continued to preach a gospel of inclusion and God’s love. And so must we.

10.30am Sunday

On Zoom

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Communicating across cultures

Throughout the Book of Acts, the early Christians travel further and further from Jerusalem to spread the good news of Jesus. As they meet people from different places and backgrounds they have to learn to communicate across cultures.

This Sunday, we will be hearing from two friends who themselves have given a lot of thought to communicating about Jesus in different ways and across different cultures. Join us to find out more.

10.30am Sunday.

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Blinded by prejudice

This Sunday we revisit a story about a man who hated the early church and all that it stood for … but on one dramatic road trip his world was turned upside down.


Your favourite sunglasses!

Please will you bring a pair of sunglasses … just in case there are any very bright lights.

We will all log-in at 10.30am for our service.

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Speaking truth to power

This Sunday Anne and Steve will lead our online service as we consider the courage of the early church in confronting the religious and military authorities. Our reading will be from Acts 8: 26-40 if you want to read along.

Who tells you what to do?

Please will you bring a small poster to hold up to show which says the name of the person or the organisation or the idea or the thing that tells you what to do.

We will all log-in at 10.30am for our service.

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Come all ye vagabonds

Come all ye vagabonds

Look what has appeared in Manchester’s Stevenson Square this week. Inspire Church has always put justice and inclusion at the heart of what it does and we stand in solidarity with George Floyd and all those who campaign for racial justice.

There is a peaceful, static, socially-distanced protest in Piccadilly Garden on Saturday (tomorrow) at 1pm for all those who might like to join.

Once again, this Sunday we will not meet together at the Inspire Centre.

Instead, we will meet together and worship online using Zoom.

We will all log-in at 10.30am for our service.

Our service will be led by our good friend Dave Fraser who will introduce us to another story of the early church and take us back to the basics of church life … even in (especially in) a time of coronavirus. If you want to read ahead we’ll be looking at Acts Chapter 6.

I look forward to seeing you all pop up on my screen on Sunday morning. Click on the button below.

God is with us!

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Lockdown Church

As we prepare for our 10th Sunday online, spare a thought for those Christians who can never meet freely in a church building. Throughout the world, persecuted Christians have to worship in secret or online or they face prison or death.

But Christian persecution is nothing new. As we continue to read through the book of Acts we will discover that persecution goes back to the very earliest Christian disciples. Join us on Zoom to find out more.

Drop me a line if you’d like to join ed.cox [at]

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