Forever and ever and ever and ever

This Sunday we reach the last phrase of the Lord’s Prayer: For Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever, Amen. From a very humble and intimate start – Abba Father – it seems to finish with quite and triumphalist ending … or does it? Come along on Sunday morning to find out more! 10am. Everybody’s Welcome, rain or shine, it will be worth it! One person said to me after Sunday’s service (which I wasn’t leading!!) – “I often lie in bed on Sundays and think, perhaps I’ll just lie here this morning and not go to church. But every time I get up and make the effort, I always leave feeling better for having come along”.

The following weekend is our Inspire Church Weekend Away. Because so many people are coming, reluctantly elders have decided that there will be no church service at Inspire on Sunday 15 June. For those not coming, I’m sorry but hope you find another way to find fellowship, worship and time with God that day.

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No trespassing

I’ve never considered myself much of a trespasser. I may have had the odd game of football somewhere naughty as a boy but I’m not sure that constitutes the greatest crime. And I’m not sure we’ve got too many trespassers to forgive either – the CCTV at Inspire takes care of that. So what do we mean when we dutifully recite “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”? Perhaps the more modern version is more helpful: forgive us our sins. Perhaps not. Either way, on Sunday we’ll unravel this part of the the Lord’s Prayer together and try to understand why Jesus places this at the centre of his prayer pattern. 10am. Everybody’s Welcome!

I’m very conscious that it’s bank holiday weekend too so here’s the deal: we gather at 10, start at 10.10 and finish at 11 sharp, unplugged, keeping it simple. Make a moment for God.

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We’ve always got too much or too little bread in our house. The Lord’s Prayer seems to suggest neither feast nor famine: give us today our daily bread. Andy will be leading our service as we reflect on this next phrase of the Lord’s Prayer. We will share communion during the service and tea and doughnuts (breakfast!) will be available from 9.30am beforehand. The service itself starts at 10am. Everybody’s Welcome!

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On earth as it is in heaven

Jesus often used to talk about the ‘kingdom of God‘, indeed he made it a defining part of the Lord’s Prayer. Even to this day, we often associate the idea of the kingdom with some other-worldly heaven in the skies. But not in this prayer. Jesus calls on us to call on God and ask that we might see God’s kingdom on earth. A crazy idea? We shall see. Sunday morning. 10am. Everybody’s Welcome!

Also throughout the month of June, friends of Inspire are being asked to think about doing some kind of special fundraising activity for our special centre. The aim of the ‘Inspire Summer Challenge’ is to raise £10,000. There will be a special fund-raising day at Inspire on the 7th June but you might have your own idea of doing some kind of sponsored activity to help. Contact ed.cox @ if you think you could help.

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Abba Father

This Sunday we are starting a new teaching and learning series exploring The Lord’s Prayer. There is no right or wrong way to pray, our conversations with God can be as free as a chat with a friend or as carefully crafted as a poem. Jesus gave his disciples a model prayer – yes to be repeated in it’s own right but also as a pattern for our own prayers. Each Sunday for the next six weeks we will consider the different elements of the Lord’s Prayer, phrase by phrase, as we explore how we might communicate with the one who let’s us call him Abba Father – Dad! 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s welcome – this Sunday will be an ‘all together service’ with lots of all age learning time.

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Happy Easter! It was a wonderful Easter Day service and I’m especially grateful to the Levy Chorus for their beautiful singing and great to have such a full church too. There was a real sense of resurrection hope. This Sunday is the last in our series on Matthew’s gospel when we will be looking at what is often called ‘the great commission’. We will also be trying to draw together some of the themes that have inspired us over the months since Christmas. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s Welcome Here!

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It’s Friday … but Sunday’s Coming

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All means all

At the beginning of Easter week Jesus entered Jerusalem and set about upsetting the powers that be. Lettings kids into the temple. Saying that tax collectors and prostitutes got the kingdom of God. And welcoming everybody – good and bad – to the king’s banquet in heaven. The only condition: accept the invitation. So Jesus invites us to share in the Easter celebrations today too …

  • Tonight (Wednesday) – there will be a special passover supper at St Mary’s RC church on Elbow Street – it’s advertised as 7.30pm but I suggest you go for 7pm to be sure of a place at the table. For those that have never been to a passover supper before I’d highly recommend the experience.
  • On Good Friday morning we’ll have a special 30 minute reflection at Inspire Church at 10am followed by hot cross buns and cups of tea. For those that want to, we can then join the other churches together in Levenshulme for a walk of witness at 11am, concluding at St Peters.
  • And then on Easter Sunday we’ll have a special Easter Day celebration from 10-11am complete with band, Levenshulme Chorus, chocolate, Easter bunnies … and of course, our Risen Saviour!

Do bring any friends and family who might be visiting … or why not invite a neighbour or friend. All are very welcome at Inspire Church and all means all!

Happy Easter!

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The Two Commandments

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Sheep & goats

There’s no getting away from it. Sometimes the teachings of Jesus seem pretty tough. When did you see me hungry or thirsty? When you did something for the least of these, you did it to me? And when you did not … ?? You probably know the story. Sheep & goats. Eternal life, eternal damnation. So what might it all mean for a new community in a time of crisis? On Sunday we can explore this together. But if all that is a bit heavy, then let’s not forget it’s Mothering Sunday too. Cue daffodils, breakfast in bed and spring hope. 10am. Everybody’s welcome!

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