Bringing the nativity to life

This Sunday marks the start of a new Christian year – ADVENT – and in the coming weeks as we countdown to Christmas we try to bring the nativity story to life. Each Sunday we are going to be thinking about some of the characters that appear in Luke’s account of the Christmas story. Meantime, the children are going to begin rehearsing their own nativity play … which will finally be performed at our Community Carol Service on the 21 December. This week we’ll be thinking about Elizabeth and Zechariah – waiting quietly! 10am. Everybody’s welcome here!

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Inspire Church Review of 2014


Our lively congregation has had another wonderful year with all kinds of fellowship and fun. The slides and pictures posted here give just a glimpse of what God has been doing as we seek to give expression to God’s mission in our local community and serve him as everyday disciples.


Inspire Church Review of 2014

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Kings are not born, they are made by universal hallucination

… so said George Bernard Shaw! A revolutionary thought in these uncertain democratic times.

And so friends this Sunday our series on sayings and proverbs will draw to a close with some thinking about the topic of leadership, once again drawing from the wise words of the Book of Proverbs. Sunday will also feature our church annual general meeting. During the service we will have a ‘review of the year’ and give thanks to God for all the wonderful ways in which we have been blessed during 2014. If you have any thoughts or pictures or things you’d like to share then please let me know as I am preparing for this in advance. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s very welcome!

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Old wives tales

Sometimes we dismiss phrases and sayings as “old wives’ tales”. That phrase itself carries more than a hint of sexism. But in the Book of Proverbs wisdom itself is portrayed as a woman: Sophia which reminds us of the wonderful ways in which women have inspired Christian spirituality and drawn us to the feminine essence of God. So on Sunday we will be exploring the wisdom of women and connecting with our inner XX. 10am. Everybody’s always welcome.

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War broke …

… and now the Winter of the world
With perishing great darkness closes in.

So goes the poem ‘1914’ by Wilfred Owen. One hundred years on and this Sunday marks a particularly notable Remembrance Sunday. We will remember and we will be thinking about sayings and proverbs to do with war and conflict … but also peace and justice. 10am. Sunday. Everybody is welcome.

After the service there will be a shared lunch. Baked potatoes will be provided but if a few people could offer to bring some toppings – beans, tuna, grated cheese, humus – or some salads then that would be great. (Let me know what you might be able to bring).

And then at 2pm we will be hosting a very special Celebration of Light with our friends from other churches, mosques and temples from the local area. It will last no longer than an hour and we will share about why light is important to each of our faith traditions. People are encouraged to bring a candle or lamp or some other ‘light source’ that might perhaps mean something to them. We will finish with indoor sparklers, tea, coffee and cake. Once again, if anyone would be kind enough to offer to bring some cake that would be great too.

[*That’s a lot to remember – toppings, candles, cake – and
perhaps all too much for one Sunday? Never let Inspire Church feel a
burden. Dip in and out as you choose. Or come and enjoy the whole
occasion. Fellowship, food, faith, fun.*]

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Grey hair is a crown of glory

Dipping into the book of Proverbs provides both wisdom and amusement. This week we are thinking about sayings on life, death and ageing and so I was drawn to the following from Proverbs 16: 31: Grey hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life. (Can’t think why that appealed to me). As it is the first Sunday in the month we will be having an all together service with a range of different activities for people to choose from – from quiet prayer stations to arty stuff to group discussion – do come along and join in. 10am. Everybody’s welcome – young and old especially.

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The Remarkable Life of Walter Tull

October is Black History Month, and so this Sunday we will focus on the remarkable life of Walter Tull – a black footballer and soldier who fought in the First World War and we will be thinking about proverbs and sayings about servanthood. 10am, Everybody’s welcome here!

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Children learn more from what you are than what you teach

On Sunday we will be thinking about proverbs and sayings about children and families – like the one in the picture above by W. Dubois. If you’ve got a good saying about children or families then please come along and share it on Sunday. The Book of Proverbs has a few too. We will be collecting and sharing our wisdom just as they did in the days of Solomon. 10am Sunday. Everybody’s welcome here!

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Who says?

Our kids like nothing better than imitating their grandfather uttering one of his stock of old-fashioned phrases such as “you’re not so dusty well-brushed”. Sayings handed down from generation to generation are sometimes just daft fun, but sometimes they carry special wisdom and meaning. The Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament is a collection of sayings and poems dedicated to sharing wisdom amongst people of faith – and for the next few weeks we are going to be exploring some of its more (and less) well-known verses. But that’s not all, every week we will be asking someone from our own church or community to share their own favourite sayings – frivolous and serious, biblical or not! So – any volunteers? Please let me know.

Our “who says?” series kicks off on Sunday at 10am … and will carry on right through to advent. Do encourage your family and friends to take part – they can get involved on our Facebook page or on twitter using the hashtag #ourfavouritesayings.

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Harvest at Inspire

Over the summer, many of you might have noticed that the community garden at the back of the Inspire Centre has been blooming! Week after week, our Inspired to Grow project team – including a number of church members – have been harvesting all kinds of lovely fruit and vegetables, some of which have been used in the Inspire Cafe. On Sunday, as part of our harvest celebrations, we’ll be giving thanks for their hard work and God’s beautiful bounty that we have been blessed with. It is also an opportunity for people to bring tins and other dried foodstuffs – and also men’s clothes and other essentials – which we will donate to our friends at Barnabus. 10am. Sunday. Everybody’s welcome!

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